Elite Force has a new breaks mix out for you to download.

Just thought I’d let you know about a brand new 1-hour Elite Force DJ mix that drops today and is up for grabs as a free download. This is my Burning Man 2010 special that I did for the Space Cowboys crew and their fabulous RIPEcast series. Full tracklist is available on the Soundcloud page below.


Many thanks to everyone who’s supported the Vandal remix that was released last week. It’s sitting pretty at #3 on the Beatport charts at the moment & if you haven’t yet grabbed a copy would much appreciate your support in pushing it all the way!


Wish me luck with my journey back from the States. Yesterday I was delayed leaving Salt Lake City & missed my flight home, winding up at a silly airport hotel at midnight staring at a can of lukewarm cuppa-soup and a non-existent mini-bar. Up at 6am today for the circuitous trip home via Chi-town. Still it’s been a great trip out to North America these last 10 days & a big thank you to everyone who made it out to the shows.

Track List
1. Intro – LSD
2. Seductive – Take Control (Tom Stephan Mix)
3. Djedjetronic – Bit This Thin
4. Chemical Brothers – Horse Power (re-fueled)
5. Proxy – Vibrate (Noob Mix)
6. Lee Coombs – Italo Disco (Maelstrom Mix)
7. Dom G – Work (DJ Dan & Mike Balance Mix)
8. Chasing Shadows – Amirah (Elite Force Revamp)
9. Elite Force & Various – Hangover Deep (Revamp)
10. Chems Vs Dyson – Swoon (Elite Force Revamp)
10b. Elite Force – Psychotrope Jams (extract)
11. Zodiac Cartel Vs Elite Force – Devil’s Mashup
12. Felix Luker – Mechanical
13. Paul Chambers – Yeah Techno! (BeatauCue Mix)
14. Bitrok – Closest Strangers (Loops of Fury Mix)
15. JDS – Blackout (Elite Force Re-fix)
16. Felix da Housecat – Oops
17. Don Diablo – Who’s Your Daddy (Black Noise Mix)
18. Ed Rush & Plaza da Funk – Keep Your Pacman (a Revamp)
19. MJ Cole – Sincere (Nero Vs Elite Force Revamp)
20. New Originals – 1979
21. Excision – Subsonic (Elite Force Revamp)
22. Elite Force & Bar 9 – Shaolin Style
23. Outro – Now Generation

~ by acidted on September 7, 2010.

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