Today, D takes her dog – Harvey aka Bubba – for a walk. And chill with K&D.

Apr 94: A Little incident occurred whilst I was perambulating Harvey. About half-way round the park, he decides to perform his toilet (what a cracking euphemism. Only the English could have come up with that) and, to my eternal shame, attempts to defecate a plastic bag. Now, this isn’t the first time that Bubba has taken it upon himself to get the animal kingdom to participate in re-cycling but he decides to undertake this litle gesture in front of another woman, who is also encouraging her canine to sprinkle the neighbourhood with urine, just as she’s taking an interest in him. Mortified that my dog should humiliate me so, I’m making futile attempts to remove a second plastic bag from my pocket with which to retrieve the first, which is, by now, protruding in a most unsightly manner from his arse and, simultaneously, keeping this pesky woman from being privy to the results of Bubba’s eating habits. On top of this, and as you can imagine, with a Safeways carrier bag jammed half-way up your rectum, Harvey’s doing a marvellous impersonation of a sumo wrestler trying to fart. His legs are all akimbo as he makes failed attempts to rid himself of this obstacle. And he’s once again adopted his pained and pissed off expression, which he keeps flashing at me as this stupid old bat pats him affectionately on his (muzzled) head. Disaster was averted finall when this old dear, thank God, went her merry way. And, with the skill of a professional, I whipped out my bag and allieviated Bubba’s discomfort. Honstly, walking the dog can be such a trial.

And for your aural delight, we have Austrian downtempo duo Kruder & Dorfmeister and the UK’s Kid Loops. Kruder & Dorfmeister kicked off the Austrian downtempo wave of the mid-90s and had great influence through their G-Stoned studio and label. Their is a new G-Stoned compilation out now. Kid Loops (Jamie Lexton) is new to Acid Ted. I don’t really know his work so a bio: Combining his love for science fiction, old-school hip-hop and the lush side of Detroit techno and jazz fusion, Jamie Lexton’s productions as Kid Loops skirt the edge where raw breakbeat chemistry becomes bland coffee-table fare (a place once inhabited by several fusion legends as well). A native of North London, Lexton listened to Public Enemy, Stetsasonic and Mantronix as a child, and began working in the studio with help from his brother Charlie, who co-owns the Filter label and records as Cool Breeze. His studio prowess and wide-eyed youth gained him the name Kid Loops, and he recorded his first single “Alien Resident” for Filter in 1995. Lexton again worked with his brother on Kid Loops Vs. Cool Breeze, an LP released as Special Projects in late 1996. Singles followed for All Good Vinyl and Filter once again, before Lexton’s proper debut album, Time Quake, was released in mid-1997. – John Bush

Kruder & Dorfmeister – Out Of The Blue

Kid Loops – Alien Resident (that Huh, Huh Mellow Mix)

Buy Kruder & Dorfmeister


~ by acidted on September 11, 2010.

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