Today, D gives late night directions and Todd Terry mixes Annie Lennox.

June 94: Returning home down the Kilburn High Road last night I was approached by a foreign gentleman, who I deduced was of the French persuasion, who asked me where he could go to pick up men because, as he so succinctly put it, “I like to find a man in a bar who fancies me and wil take me outsaide and fuck me.” Well indeed, I thought, and what a place to choose to try to realise this desire. The High Road being reknown for it’s plethora of homosexuals and gay clubs [she is being sarcastic. Kilburn is full of pubs, then mostly working class Irish.]. Anyway, it occurred to me that whilst I might find this chap’s request somewhat amusing, it could possible offend another woman and, feeling a might feisty after seeing my boys, I preavailed myself of my CS gas and decided that if this chap persisted in addressing me, I would be forced to unleash my gas and possibly boot him a couple of  times for good measure to convey the fact that this type of behaviour was not acceptable in Kilburn. Disaster was averted however because, instead, he followed my advice and the last I saw of him he wa heading happily off to Biddy Mulligans [pictured today] where I hope his request would be met with alacrity. I hoped it might serve to dissuade him from approaching a woman at 11.30pm again with such a crude question. Sorry if htis offends you but some men don’t understand anything other than a good kicking and I felt that this misguided fellow probably fell into that category. It also confirmed me in my opinion that carryin a can of CS gas, far from being a case of over-reaction or paranoia, is eminently sensible for a female in this day and age.

From Annie Lennox’s 1993 single Little Bird, which got remixed by several dance acts, of which I’ve chosen a remix by Todd Terry. But I should admit that I don’t really like this mix or really any of Todd Terry’s work:

Annie Lennox – Little Bird House of Todd Mix (Todd Terry)

Buy Todd Terry

~ by acidted on September 12, 2010.

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