As One (Kirk Degiorgio) was one of the earliest artists to feature on Acid Ted all the way back in March 2008. Today, selections from 2004’s “Out of Darkness” which wouldn’t have featured then as it was less than 5 years old. Now, it is, so it can.

Kirk (originally from Stepney, London and then Ipswich) makes beautiful Detroit influenced techno, often tending towards an angular ambient feel. But his work also contains a strong jazz and soul influence.

A reviewer on discogs says: The prolific Kirk Degiorgio once again showcases is seamless blend of Detroit jazz-soul and broken beats with OUT OF THE DARKNESS, his 2nd album for Ubiquity. The album kicks off with “Hope,” which switches from broken beats to house so slickly, you’d swear it was butter. His angular melodies catch you off-guard, like on the title track, “The Daisy Picker,” or the shifting melodies of “Shapechange.” But he’s equally adept at smooth melodic lines, as on the sweet and funky “Shed Dem,” as with pure R&B (even if the track “I Love You” run on a tad longer than it should). “Sanctified” goes deep, mixing heavy tones with some spoken word, while “Love Theme From the Spook Who Sat by the Door” float by on ringing ambience. Degiorgio never fails to beguile.
To be honest, these tracks do tend more towards a jazz/jazz funk or soulful type of techno and I find them less enjoyable than his earlier work.
As One – Hope
As One – Sanctified

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Kirk Degiorgio MySpace

~ by acidted on September 14, 2010.

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