After theatre yesterday, D writes on acting today. And for me, a Balearic surprise.

July 94: “Though I love acting, whenever anyone complements me I get unbelievably embarrassed whilst, simultaneously, feeling very pleased. I remember this happening at the Tricycle Theatre when we did this play. Afterwards, this member of the public came up to me and said how impressed they’d been. I recall just wanting to die which seems rather odd really, considering that that’s the whole idea and one should be pleased and proud. On the same occasion, another member of the audience came up to me and asked (bearing in mind I had been playing the part of a con in the Nick) if I’d actually ever been to jail, so convinced was she by the performance. I smiled sweetly, said no, and chinned her.”

I wasn’t going to post another mix of “Treaty” by Yothu Yindi but I found this by accident. Listed as a mix by Danny Tenaglia, who I’ve never rated, this turns out to be a beautiful Balearic-style mix of the track. Recommended.

Yothu Yindi – Treaty (Guitar Mix) by Danny Tenaglia

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~ by acidted on September 26, 2010.

One Response to “D WRITES ON…ACTING”

  1. It’s good to see you back blogging Ted but I can’t let a comment like that about Tenaglia slip by without a response. One of my biggest regrets was being forced to give away 2 tickets to a Boys Own party in Glasgow around 93-94 where everyone bar Weatherall was playing out and Tenaglia was top billing. Back then he was an inspiration and played a big part in breaking key UK labels like Guerrilla and Soma in America. For that I’ll aways respect him, regardless of the chump he put out now. In fact I’m off to annoy fuk out the neighbours by giving “Mix This Pussy” a blast while I read the Sundays and feed my espresso addiction. Adiós!

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