I know, I know. Paul Van Dyk. Trance god that’s not the usual fodder here. But this is a good remix from 1997.

I have only ever rated “Ten Little Girls” by Curve, from the Blindfold EP. That classic combination of Toni’s voice, the rap by MC 100ft Jesus and the wall of guitars – especially the wall of guitars. So, the track “Chinese Burn” took me by surprise.  Even more so that the remix was by Paul Van Dyk. A 10 minute dance trip. Much more techno than trance. But PVD started off doing some quality indie remixes.

Curve – Chinese Burn (Forbidden City Remix) by Paul Van Dyk

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~ by acidted on September 28, 2010.

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  1. […] download from Dean Garcia’s new venture SPC ECO. Some might remember Dean’s work in Curve with Toni Halliday. This time his daughter is on vocals – and she doesn’t half sound […]

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