To celebrate 20 years of Coldcut’s Ninja Tunes label, free downloadable mixes. This post features those from Eskmo and DJ Food. A surprise win for Eskmo.

DJ Food, Eskmo, DJ Kentaro and Grasscut have selected their favourite tracks from the Ninja Tune XX compilations and mixed them up – FREE downloads are here on SoundCloud. But I’m highlighting two:

Eskmo – Ninja Tune XX Mix: a lovely little 12 minute mix which starts quietly and builds into a fine offbeat mix in the Ninja tradition (includes the new remix of Root Manuva’s Witness)

DJ Food – Ninja Tune XX Mix: starts with the usual vocal sample and then takes you to DJ Food’s normal hip hop and breaks territory. Great if you like DJ Food’s style but nothing terribly innovative or new.

Ninja Tune is twenty years old!

Yes, it’s two whole decades since Matt Black and Jon More (aka Coldcut) first released music under that stealthy imprint. And twenty years on Ninja is still going strong, if not stronger. Many of the artists that have been with us for years are still here (or close-by somewhere!) making new better brilliant music still – and new artists have joined us too.

To our artists and fans – thank you for all the support over the years!!

What we’ve put together to celebrate this momentous anniversary is not a retrospective but what we’re calling a ‘futurespective’ – a compilation of new stuff, of newness and newly made remixes that are new. It’s four CDs in two 2XCD formats (with digital versions too of course):

:: Full tracklist of Ninja Tune XX Vol. 1 ‘Two Decades & A Mixer’ (ZENCD160) 2XCD: Ninjashop UK / Ninjashop USA / download on iTunes
:: Full tracklist of Ninja Tune XX – Vol. 2 ’20 Years of Beats & Pieces’ (ZENCD160R) 2XCD: Ninjashop UK / Ninjashop USA / download on iTunes

~ by acidted on October 12, 2010.


  1. I really wanted to buy the boxset but couldn’t justify it but strangely enough could justify spending a third of the price on a shagged northern soul single. I loved most things Ninja, not least my original Wax Sack and the spliff papers they used to sell.

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