An odd one to be sure.

Readers from a while back might remember that Aman Ellis was the last post on Blogger. And here’s a new EP for you to enjoy in whole. The last EP by Aman was a lovely piece of ambient techno based on the solar system. This time it’s all change. This is ‘experimental’ and could easily be on Ninja Tune. This time it has the sensation of a haunted carnival, full of leering grotesques. There are 9 tracks in about 20 minutes, so tracks pass by in a hallucinatory haze. The Introduction is a short piece of static tone, as if slipping to another place. The Outroduction plays the same trick in reverse at the end. In between, it is a series of queasy rides for reasons not always easy to identify. Why would a phone message from Aunt Loreen be quite so disturbing but a track called Ghost Story be unscary? Overall, not quite as satisfying as the last EP but quite a change of direction.


1. Introduction
2. Professor Aggressor
3. I Keep Remembering What I’m Trying to Forget (Feat. Almamy)
4. Bell’s Revenge
5. Aunt Loreen
6. A Ghost Story
7. Hello
8. A Man From Alabama
9. Outroduction

Produced by Aman Ellis

“So, this summer I started a project of psychedelic wonky beats. The production style was totally different that what I’m used to and it was an awesome experience and an experiment to get my brain outside the box. A lot of vinyl samples were used to make this record and it has a very distinct analog quality to it. Expect loose wonk drifting beats with a heavy dose of melody and scratchy samples.” – Aman Ellis

Official Website
Aman Ellis on SoundCloud
Aman Ellis on Facebook


~ by acidted on October 13, 2010.

7 Responses to “NEW MUSIC: AMAN ELLIS”

  1. just brilliant, this is why I love this place..

  2. Great EP great work!

  3. Very good, thanks for this, he’s a great talent and this is a great record!

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by ACID TED and Aman Ellis, Aman Ellis. Aman Ellis said: RT @Ctel: NEW MUSIC: AMAN ELLIS Cacti EP to download. Odd stuff: […]

  5. brilliant

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