Enough new music. Back to 1996 for some classic Austrian dub from Kruder and Dorfmeister in the G Stone studios.

The remixes are for Mama Oliver (Ulrike Kühlwein) whose trip hop original is taken to smokier and head nodding places by a remix each for Kruder and Dorfmeister of Ulrike’s 1996 single “Eastwest”. Dorfmeister is the clear winner with a classic piece of stoned dub.

Extract from ArtistDirect bio: Back in Vienna, Kühlwein then began the search to form a band to put music to her lyrics. She met her future husband Friedrich ‘Freak’ Weber, a music publisher and lead performer with the Viennese underground group “Freak Weber und die Sackratten”, who trained her voice and then formed the Freak Weber Rock Band with her. Through their live tours they developed contacts with Polish jazz artists, amongst others, but the “Mama Oliver” project was only launched in 1994. They were joined by Michael Strasser as the third member of the group; his background was in the Vienna techno and house scene, and he extended the Mama-Oliver sound. The trio was instantly able to make a name for itself. Their debut maxi single, “Mama Oliver ghosts at home” (issued 23 July 1995 on the FRW label), was reviewed in the well-known billboard magazine “Music & Media” by Raul Cairo, and even at that stage he recognised their potential and wrote: “… the material is highlighted by the vocals of Ulrike Kühlwein…”. In fact, she was to enjoy international successes with remixes of titles from this CD. The unmistakable manner in which the singer interprets the line “we’ve got a passion, it’s called peace” on “East West” quickly established itself as a cult track as a result of the Kruder & Dorfmeister remix (K & D sessions).

Mama Oliver – East West. Stoned Together (Resmoked by Richard Dorfmeister)

Mama Oliver – East West. Makru Dub (Peter Kruder)

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~ by acidted on October 14, 2010.


  1. Should’ve included the K&D Sessions version too.

  2. Nice one, never knew about the MaKru remix. Thanks very much.

  3. COOL i like this


  4. Would it be possible to repload those files ? Please ?

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