It’s been a long time since we had any Cabaret Voltaire. Some mixes of 1990 single “Easy Life”.

Cabaret Voltaire featured back here. As a reminder: Although best known for their industrial and metal-bashing post-punk sounds, they were strongly influenced at the end of the 1980′s by the new sounds from Detroit.

Though they’re one of the most important groups in the history of industrial and electronic music, Cabaret Voltaire are sometimes forgotten in the style’s timeline perhaps because they continued recording long after other luminaries (Throbbing Gristle, Suicide, Chrome) called it quits. Also related to the fact is that they rarely stayed in one place for long, instead moving quickly from free-form experimentalism through arty white-boy funk and on to house music in the late ’80s and electronica the following decade.
Today’s tracks come from the period when CV had been working with Marshall Jefferson. But these two mixes are them doing it for themselves. They are not as strange as the titles indicate. Just classic UK House of the period. Sound a bit thin today but still worth your time.

Cabaret Voltaire – Easy Life (Strange Mix)

Cabaret Voltaire – Easy Life (Very Strange Mix)

~ by acidted on October 15, 2010.


  1. […] we had a House era release by Cabaret Voltaire a few days ago, here’s an 80s-era release. This is sooo 80s in its drum patterns, despite the intervention […]

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