Eddie The Gun is certainly getting the column inches. Hardly surprising if the singer – Camilla Romestrand – is a statuesque Norwegian blonde with a taste for fashion. And being linked with a Royal – Prince Harry – isn’t going to hurt either. Nor is your song being used for a James Cameron film – Chain Letter.

What’s it all about? Eddie The Gun’s music is a mixture of punk, rock and pop. Camilla says “The music is quite eclectic. I have had people tell me it sounds like punk, indie, rock and pop, which I kind of like.” New single “Don’t Be Afraid”, the one being used in the Chain Letter film, is, sadly, awful. Which isn’t to say it may not be successful. It comes on like like Bonnie Tyler crossed with Nina Hagen (ask your Dad). In my mind, I imagine a video with Camilla on a windswept cliff edge, howling like a banshee at the moon and stars. But perhaps I need to get out more.

The single – on Slanted Black Records – comes with a huge number of remixes, from which I’ve selected the one by Bonjour Hi!. This proves that you can create something from nothing. This Vermont-based collective produce a remix which loses most of the original tune, chops the vocals, and adds a bit of bleepery and swooshing. This leaves an 80s-style dancefloor feeling with a bit of rave bleeping topping. Merci to Bonjour Hi!.

Eddie The Gun – Don’t Be Afraid Bonjour Hi Remix [removed]

Buy:  actually, don’t, it’s not very good

~ by acidted on October 28, 2010.

8 Responses to “NEW MUSIC: EDDIE THE GUN”

  1. you really need to research your facts before writing this stuff! I would never describe 5’7″ as ‘statuesque’ the Royal link is a complete fabrication by a UK trashy sunday paper – and James Cameron only provided the 3D post production work – Deon Taylor directed and produced the movie Chainletter.

  2. Gosh. Seemed to have touched a nerve there.

    Statuesque doesn’t just mean tall. It means “Suggestive of a statue, as in proportion, grace, or dignity; stately”, which I don’t think is unfair. I said “linked with a Royal” which she has been. You got me on the Cameron thing, which I knew but the additional explanation seemed unnecessary for the post. Pip pip!

  3. thats because we are all fed up with the junk and embellishments that have been posted online by those that either don’t know or don’t care! – enough is enough!!.

    yes that is the dictionaries definition of statuesque – but when used to refer to a person it is simply referring to their height!

    and when the link is a completely fabricated lie by a pathetic excuse for a journalist – it should never be regarded as worthy of note or mention!

  4. You say “we are all fed up” as if you’re in the band.

    If so, you might want to talk to your Record company, who sent me the music under an email entitled: “Camilla of Eddie The Gun dating PRINCE HARRY!!!” The remainder of the email talks about Camilla as “Prince Harry’s latest love interest”, and ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ being “the lead single to a major movie produced by James Cameron.”

  5. hahahaha – whatever dude – just make it up as you go along why don’t you!!

  6. Matt, you are either a troll or sadly deluded.

  7. as I know them personally – you have proven yourself to be the deluded troll!!

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