Not a big fan. Even less of the introduction into the UK of the whole US way of doing Halloween. Gangs of children high on sugar fleecing unsuspecting pedestrians. It’s a jungle out there. Meanwhile, an EP from Seulo to stream and a topical mix from Evil Nine to download.

First, Seulo – Jim Rivers house alter-ego – and new EP Cabin Fever. Never heard of Jim before, so PR blurb will have to do:  Rivers has garnered a formidable reputation as a producer and DJ in recent times but it’s his Seulo output for Bristolian FourTwenty which has piqued the interest of those in search of deeper sounds.  The oft overused Detroit tag can be effectively applied to the EP’s lead cut ‘Cabin Fever’, a joyfully unruly synth workout riddled with the sort of cascading keys and arpeggios that hypnotise as much as they force the dance. The Detroit tag may be over-used but this has a lot in common with Carl Craig’s delicate techno stylings. Nice.

Next, Evil Nine who annoyingly get into the spooky spirit with a downloadable mix.  

“Oh Hey!
It’s that time of year again; the time of year where we spend a incredibly long day in the studio listening to incredibly dark and depressing music and dialogue from old horror movies until it drives us fucking insane. We’ve risked our nerves and sanity to bring you this lovely collection of VHS era electronic horror soundtracks by popular artists such as Chuck Cirino, Tanizaki Tetora, Simon Boswell and Terry Taylor. Plus it includes four previously unreleased Evil Nine horror tracks. VHS ‘Party’ is maybe overdoing it a bit, we’re not completely sure how you’re supposed to party to it but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it’s spooky bounty all the same.
Have fun! X”

Right, I’m off to sit in the dark until all the kids in the street go to bed.

~ by acidted on October 31, 2010.

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