Someone new to Acid Ted but from long ago are Dubstar. This post was prompted by one by The Vinyl Villain who had mixes from Mother and Way Out West of the Not So Manic Now single here.

As TVV says: “Dubstar began life in the early 90s as a two-piece consisting of Chris Wilkie on guitar and Steve Hillier on keyboards and vocals. By 1994 they had a new vocalist in Sarah Blackwood.” They produced a number of single that had some quality remixes.

I’ve got remixes by X-Press2 and Way Out West from key 1996 single Stars. The X-Press2 mix is a quality dub techno/house number. The Way Out West Mix is a less good housey housey number.

Dubstar – Stars (Sonic Star Dub) Remix by X-Press2

Dubstar – Stars (Way Out West Remix)




Dubstar release their first track in a decade as part of Buffetlibre’s Peace compilation for Amnesty International.
The compilation features 180 exclusive songs from artists all over the world including Patrick Wolf, Frankmusic, Marc Almond, Si Begg and many many more. To download the compliation head here : http://www.buffetlibredjs.net/peace.html and make a donation using the drop down box provided.

~ by acidted on November 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “DUBSTAR”

  1. L likes Dubstar, me I always thought they were a wee bit too lightweight

  2. I agree. But at least the X-Press2 remix gives it a bit more backbone

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