From 1994, a remix of a key Sabres track Wilmot. This was released on Wilmot II, a lovely 10″ vinyl by Warp Records. It features all the slow parping, skanking you’d expect. Lovely stuff.

Sabres of Paradise – Wilmot’s Last Skank


And just in case you didn’t notice, I thought I’d draw your attention to three things

1. In case you hadn’t vsited Bagging Area recently, Swiss Adam has a Weatherall mix of Steve Mason here.

2. Two comments on last week’s Weatherall Monday:

– Andrew said: Slightly related, I’ve just uploaded a Weatherall Xfm mix from 2000. I’ve not seen it anywhere else, thought you might be interested…

It’s here:

I’ve transferred it from my orignal minidisc recording and it’s in mono I’m afraid. Hope you like it!

– Lee Jit said: 

Congratulations Prince William!

The Major and Brother T
a free track from haywire back in the day. goes nice with a fine wine after this feast.

I’ve never heard of The Major and Brother T but it’s a lovely downtempo tune, remeniscent of Karminsky Project or something on Eighteenth Street Lounge.

~ by acidted on November 22, 2010.


  1. Cheers Ctel
    Assume The Major is AW and Brother T is Tenniswood

  2. Bring Moggie back now!

  3. It’s a very nice track too btw

  4. […] had a 1994 remix of Sabres of Paradise track, Wilmot’s Last Skank a couple of weeks ago. This time another mix from the 10″ on Warp. On remix duty, Mr Scruff (aka Andy Carthy). […]

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