That’s Repeat as in the artist not repeat as in the act. Clear?

Repeat were Mark Broom, Ed Handley, Dave Hill & Andrew Turner. They issued a small number of singles and an album on GPR and A13 in the mid 90s. Ed Handley and Andy Turner were in The Black Dog and Plaid, Dave Hill was in Mind Over Rhythm, and Mark Broom (pictured above) has had an extensive career in his own right. Given their background it is no surprise that the featured tune “Close” is a piece of of classic mid-90s IDM ambient techno.  

Repeat – Close


~ by acidted on December 1, 2010.

One Response to “REPEAT”

  1. Great record by Mark Broom (one of my favourite techno artists from the 90’s), Dave Hill and guys from The Black Dog. You should check their album “Repeats”, too.

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