Aussie is source of marital disharmony.

Not the cricket but Jordan F’s remix of classic Faithless tune “God Is A DJ”. Of himself Jordan says: “Im 19, DJ/Producer from Sydney. Signed to Canvas Entertainment which is an artist management agency located in Sydney that has other artists including 3hundreds, Destroy Disco and Seb Davona. I’ve played at all of Sydneys hottest venues including, Candys Apartment, TheClub, Le Panic, The Rouge, The Terrace, Alberts Tavern, and Soho Bar.” Good grief, he wasn’t even born in the 80s.

To return to the marital dispute. Regular readers will know that I am not a fan of Faithless’ work, seeing it as cheesy commercial handbag trance. That may be a crass generalisation but there it is. Meanwhile, the wife is a fan of Faithless and thinks I’m a miserable so-and-so who wouldn’t know uplifting music if it came at me with a crane. The remix is a downbeat, tech house affair, with a restrained use of peaks. For that reason I liked it. It brings the original back to earth with a sense of waiting and decorum. However, she disliked this track for precisely the same reasons. She thinks it lack an extra element of excitement that makes you let go. Judge for yourself dear reader but don’t listen with your nearest and dearest, lest it cause you strife.

And Jordan has kindly done Ted’s Top Ten Quiz:

1.    Weatherall or Oakenfold?
 Oakenfold, I remember one of the first tracks I was hooked onto ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ that was featured in the movie  ‘Collateral’
2.    Beer or coffee?
3.    Dance or Indie?
 Dance however I don’t mind the occasional Indie track
4.    Real instruments or synthesisers?
 Synths because its cool
5.    School or surf?
 Can’t surf for shit but If I had to chose now, I’d surf.
6.    Michael Jordan or Jordan (Katie Price)?
 Michael Jordan, because hes a boss
7.    NSW Blues or NSW Waratahs?
 Not a huge fan of domestic cricket, Warratahs
8.    Ashes 2005 or Rugby World Cup 2003?
 2003 Rugby was a joke,  I’ll go with the Ashes, but it doesn’t really bother me [Yeah right!]
9.    808 or 303?
10.  AC/DC or Kylie?

AC/DC hands down

~ by acidted on December 2, 2010.

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