You write stuff not really expecting anyone to read it, instead only being interested in the download. It never occurs to you that the artist may read it. Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner) read my previous post.

I was, it has to be said, less than complimentary about Scanner’s early work, saying “Scanner was always a bit bloodless for me.” And to my surprise he left a comment (now lost) graciously expressing mild hurt and suggesting that I should check out his more recent work. I felt bad about making such a snap judgement. But going back to albums like ‘Spore’, it does have an icily detached feel, which did seem to be some of the point of this high-quality IDM. Witness this track:

Scanner – Whirlwind Slut


~ by acidted on December 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “SCANNER”

  1. Very true- the idea the artist might read what you write freaks me out a bit

  2. […] not Scott Joplin’s famous track. But Robin Rimbaud – aka Scanner (who featured only a few days ago) – working with Morley (I’m not sure who this is, perhaps David Morley who worked on R&S […]

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