A reader – Donkey’s Kong (perhaps not his real name) – kindly provides this week’s Weatherall moment. Something so rare, completists should dribble. The Locked Swords 12″s.

A discogs reviewer says “The rarest Swordsmen record is the ‘Locked Swords’ EP (WARPLP77DJP). Released in 2001 it’s a 2×12″ containing locked grooves, beats, tones and drones. It was designed as a DJ tool for Andrew and Keith to use on their ‘Turntables and Machines Tour’. Both records are identical so you can mix and match to create your own Swordsmen sounds. An undisclosed amount were pressed but rumour has it that the total was in double figures! Expect to pay top dollar for this beauty. the online shop run by the Haywire crew (A.Burton + Weatherall) recently auctioned the last known 5 copies – it was a frenzy of World Currency!!!”

Two Lone Swordsmen – Locked Swords mediafire


~ by acidted on December 27, 2010.


  1. Whoa, awesome…

    mediafire doesn’t want to play nice at the moment though…i have never had trouble before but this time clicking ‘download now’ just loops back to the page again.

    Could i trouble you for an alternate share?

  2. Just tried to download from mediafire. Worked fine. Please clear your cache and re-try.

  3. AH, just tried again, work first time. maybe a better result ‘cos i had downloaded a different file via mediafire in the meantime. clearing the cache probably would have worked too…

    lookin’ forward to unpacking this treat. tahnks.

  4. @thewalkernz you had your swords crossed. very bad.

  5. Swords crossed. very bad…

    …yes but at least I didn’t omit the most important factor; to choose the sword that most suits.

  6. Just got this, been away. Ta for posting- remember seeing this in vinyl exchange and it not being silly expensive but didnt buy it for some reason. Not knowing how RARE it was. Do I regret it? Yup.

  7. Ooft – the holy grail of all things Audrey. Thanks a lot, much appreciated!

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