We’ve had BT (Brian Transeau) before. And we’ve had Sasha working on one of BT’s tracks before. This time Sasha mixes a range of BT tracks. Expect trance. And lots of it.

BT’s debut album included the curious 42 minute mix of tracks, mixed by Sasha. As Wiki explains: “Ima (今, ima, now) is the debut album by electronica artist BT. It was released in 1995. The album is considered a major stepping stone in trance music, popularizing a more progressive approach. A portion of “Nocturnal Transmission” is featured in the film The Fast and the Furious, for which BT also composed the score. Ima was re-released in 1996 in a double disc format, featuring the single “Blue Skies”, with vocals by Tori Amos, as well as its remix, “Blue Skies (The Delphinium Days Mix)”. “Blue Skies” was previously featured in edited form on the soundtrack for the TV show Party of Five. This package also includes several singles released prior to the album, (several of which were originally mixed together in “Sasha’s Voyage of Ima”) as well as the b-sides to “Embracing the Sunshine” and “Nocturnal Transmission”. Several of the tracks were edited to fit the format, and all songs segue into the next to create a non-stop mix.”

Sasha’s Voyage of Ima – 42:31

  • “Embracing the Future (Embracing the Sunshine Mix)”
  • “Quark”
  • “Deeper Sunshine”
  • “Loving You More (BT’s Garden of Ima Dub / BT’s Final Spiritual Journey)” (Vincent Covello, Transeau)
  • “Nocturnal Transmission”
  • “Tripping the Light Fantastic”

BT – Sasha’s Voyage of Ima 


~ by acidted on December 29, 2010.

5 Responses to “BT / SASHA”

  1. Fuck sake Ctel, I can hear barrels being scraped here.

  2. your’s of course!

  3. either that or too much festive spirit has been imbibed

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