Slow Bongo Floyd featured way back here. They were an underated psychadelic dance band of the 90s. When they featured previously, we had tracks from their two better-known singles Open Up Your Heart and More Than Jesus.

Their biog says: Formed somewhere between Oxford Road and Haight-Ashbury, Slow Bongo Floyd was a spiritual journey into the undiscovered depths of experimental soundscapes – where acid house morphed with hippie-folk, rock, punk, psychedelica and the blues. Early recordings were chaotic and beautiful, anyone who came to the studio appeared on the music in progress in some way, either playing an instrument of some kind, singing, clapping or just grunting along. This was a time of acid, hash, mushrooms and free love.

This time, we’ve got their third and final single “So Cool” (1992), with remixes provided by Apollo 440 (previously here). The Ragga mix doesn’t have much by way of anything by Ragga and the So Cool mix isn’t much slower, as I rahter expected. This single isn’t as strong as the first two singles but is better than the disappointing Brenda Salmons album.

Slow Bongo Floyd – So Cool (Apollo 440 Ragga Mix)

Slow Bongo Floyd – So Cool (Apollo 440 so cool Mix)


~ by acidted on January 8, 2011.

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