Early UNKLE remixed by Plaid. A couple of quality tunes.

UNKLE has featured here before, when I said: UNKLE is James Lavelle of Mo’ Wax fame working in collaboration with others – including Tim Goldsworthy, DJ Shadow and Richard File. But the output was very uneven. Sometimes dull (the first album), sometimes brilliant (the featured singles below). That verdict still seems fair, although the output has been more consistently good recently.

Todays offering comes from UNKLE’s first EP in 1994, on the nascent Mo’ Wax Records. The two tracks are rather different. Coffehouse Conversation takes UNKLE’s work and bends it into Plaid’s shape, leaving a piece of classic early 90s IDM. Sassafras is quite different. This leaves the strong hip hop feel of UNKLE’s early work and makes it a bit dubbier. Probably the better track.

UNKLE – Coffeehouse Conversation (Plaid Mix) cut and pasted at Black Dog Towers

UNKLE – Sassafrass (Plaid Mix) checked by Plaid & Daddy Addy, cut and pasted at Black Dog Towers


~ by acidted on January 15, 2011.

4 Responses to “UNKLE / PLAID”

  1. nice beats man.

  2. It’s years since I played that ep.

    I have to take issue with you over the first UNKLE album, I rather like it.

    • I think it was because the album had been really built up before it was released and from the early singles my expectations were high. The album should have been more than the sum of its parts. Instead, it was less.

  3. This was a good e.p., haven’t thought about it or played it for years. I agree about the album- it wasn’t as good as the hype or the guestlist. In the end I think I reduced to e.p. size on a tape.

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