If you thought mention of Caspar Pound must mean Rising High Records – you’d be right. A couple of remixes of M-Age on Rising High from 1994.

M-Age were a Japanese rock group consisting of Koichiro XXX : Vocals; Ken Miyo : Guitar; Yuji Kajiwara : Bass; and Katsushige Okazaki : Drums, Percussion. I’ve no idea why Caspar picked them up (he produced a remix of their whole first album). And their releases were minimal.

I bought this particular release for the New London School of Electronics mix which gives you the slow dreamy ambient you’d expect but without the satisfaction you’d hope. The Air Liquide mix is by far the better track, with a lovely piece of ambient acid trance. NLSE was Rising High label boss Caspar Pound with Laurence Elliot-Potter. Air Liquide is a brittle electronics band comprising Ingmar Koch (AKA “Walker”) and Cem Oral (AKA “Jammin’ Unit”), formed in 1991 in Cologne, Germany and still going today. More from a previous post here.

M-Age – Visitor (Air Liquide Remix)

M-Age – Starshell (New London School Of Electronics Remix)


~ by acidted on January 22, 2011.


  1. Does anyone know what happened to his wife and daughter?

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