Secret Knowledge have appeared here more than once, so no need for introductions (previous post here). They were reknowned ligger and journalist Kris Needs together with vocalist Wonder Schneider. They couldn’t have started more brightly, with early stunner Sugar Daddy (1993) on Weatherall’s Sabres of Paradise label. But the album that followed – So Hard (1996) – was poor and there seemed to be a law of diminishing returns setting in. Mojo (from which we had the Hardkiss mix back here) was their last single in 2003. Calling your track Mojo is a risky thing to do, since it has a high threshold to reach. Sadly, it fails and is a poor piece of techno trance. A sorry ending.

Secret Knowledge – Mojo


~ by acidted on January 28, 2011.


  1. Not there finest moments. Dance music more than any other, I think is strewn with artists who have made one or two brilliant 12″ singles and then failed supremely to follow it up.

  2. and that should have been their

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