You might remember that oki-ni had a mix from Andrew Weatherall a couple of weeks back. This time, the series moves on to The Magician. I’ve no idea who he is. Apparently, “Stephen Fasano, aka The Magician, shocked the electronic music scene last year when, on the back of Aeroplane’s successful US tour and debut LP, he announced that he was going solo. Returning as The Magician, a mysterious persona with a mix of blissed-out disco, electronic pop, and 80s-inspired sounds at his disposal, he has been steadily touring, releasing his own ‘Magic Tapes’ mixes and remixing artists such as Lykke Li and The Aikiu.” I was unaware and so unshocked. I am so not part of the electronic music scene.

All I know is that any mix which includes It’s Immaterial’s classic Driving Away From Home and Sheer Taft’s Cascde must be good. Mustn’t it?

    *  Games / Strawberry Skies
    * Beautiful Swimmers / Big Coast
    * Sheer Taft / Cascade
    * Health / In Heat (Javelin Mix)
    * Larry Paul Emmet / Evita
    * Junior Byron / Dance To The Music
    * The Duke Of Burlington / Flash 83 (Dub)
    * Heaven 17 / Let Me Go
    * Videovison / Anybody (Another Version)
    * Out Of Control / What Cha’ Gonna Do
    * Celophane / Music Colours
    * The Aikiu / The Red Kiss (The Magician’s Precious 80s Dub)

    * Loui$ / Pink Footpath
    * Expensives / Life Without You
    * It’s Immaterial / Driving Away From Home

~ by acidted on January 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “NEW MUSIC: THE MAGICIAN”

  1. Sheer Taft’s Cascade definately makes for a good mix.

  2. […] It’s a richer synth concoction with lightly warped vocals. Very much in the same vein as The Magician’s mix of electronic pop, blissed disco and sultry nights. Hardly surprising that this has featured on […]

  3. […] months. First single, Don’t Want You Back was very much in the synth vein and supported by The Magician. The follow up – Dusty – was a warm disco tune sampling Dusty Springfield. This EP has […]

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