A couple of weeks back we had Carl Craig’s Vocal Rain and Accapella mix of Tori Amos’ “God”. I was dismissive of it. But in the comments, I think someone mentioned that it was hard to get hold of, as it had only been released on vinyl, like the C J Bolland mix. That being the case, here’s the C J Bolland mix. Much as I have liked his work, this is a complete misjudgement. His usual techno stance doesn’t fit with the slower tempo of Tori’s vocal. I think that the vocal has been sped up slightly, giving the whole thing a disjointed quality.

Tori Amos – God (C J Bolland Remix)


~ by acidted on February 13, 2011.

One Response to “TORI AMOS / C J BOLLAND”

  1. it was me who mentioned that bolland mix was unavailable on p2p, and by your initial comment i expected one of bolland really fast mindless productions but was delighted to be honest.

    i like this, a mellow electro affair with bolland working some good synth synths. about the vocal, i think it works, even though they work better pitched down and really wonky in carl craigs rainforest mix.

    why they kept this off the cdsingle, i have no idea? i might have to track the record down now

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