ACID TED is three today. Bar the brief hiatus in the first part of last year, there’s been at least a post a day and a total of some 1,750 posts over the period, with about 4,000 tunes. As for the amount of time spent, I dread to think.

This sort of anniversary is a time for reflection on where to go next. The first two years were a gentle meander through the alphabet, with a range of posts from the late 80s to late 90s. More recently, I’ve had a lot more new music which, to be honest, get more hits. The balance is a constant source of personal unease as I started this blog to focus on the older stuff, not otherwise available. I did wonder whether I should follow the route of Moggieboy (RiG) or Swiss Adam (ATKT) and move into semi or permanent retirement as the number of views gently declines – as JC has noted elsewhere. Maybe there are simply too many blogs for the market. But blogs seems somewhat outdated today, as it’s all Twitter or Facebook now. But, despite all that, I’d miss it if I stopped and Twitter just doesn’t allow scope to say anything other than something glibly brief.

ACID TED will continue for now, with a mix of new music and 90s classics. Despite the lower hit count, it will be principally about the old stuff rather than the new stuff but I’ll try to get some sort of balance. It rather depends on the quality of the new stuff I’m sent and how many more tracks there are left in the cupboards worthy of a post. Wouldn’t want to risk further accusations of barrel scraping.

Weatherall Monday seems to have run its course, so will stop. But what to replace it? In a partial resurrection of the past, I’m returning to the alphabet by having an artist of the month in a new 12×12 series. Twelve artists in a year with posts throughout the month, starting with the letter A – and A Certain Ratio, probably followed by Aphex Twin.

A Certain Ratio – Mello (Soundstation Mix)

~ by acidted on February 14, 2011.

7 Responses to “WE ARE THREE”

  1. The barrel scraping comment was in jest, well mostly, trance brings out the worst in me.

    It is a necessity you continue, who else will fill in the classics that I forgot to purchase or made the wrong decision and bought some drugs instead.

    Oh, and happy birthday, the terrible two’s are now over.

  2. Happy birthday. Keep at it, would miss you if you disappeared.

  3. Congrats, man! I’m one of those ungrateful twats that just download pretty much all yer (old track) postings without leaving a comment but I will say that I really enjoy your blog and genuinely look forward to it every morning (I’m in the western US) – Oh, and I did buy one of yer T-shirts last year so I’m not a complete freeloading knob! 🙂

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

  4. Many happy returns!!

  5. Hey been busy with work but congratulations and happy birthday. Weatherall monday’s can’t really be exhausted can it?

  6. Noooooo! More Wevver’s please, whereever you see fit to post; i hate to think as a late attendee ive missed the boat! Am loving your blog, keep at it mate!

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