We had Richard Fearless’ mix of Stuck on the Shelf the other week – see here – and there was a request for the Vinyl Blair mix which completed this 1995 12″ promo. This post fulfils that request.

Vinyl Blair was Billy Nasty and Steve Jones – see previously here. Their work as Vinyl Blair tended towards the uncompromising side of techno. This track is no exception. But their work as Vinyl Blair was rarely more than middling. This track is no different.

The Aloof – Stuck on the Shelf (Vinyl Blair Electro Skank Mix)


~ by acidted on February 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “VINYL BLAIR / THE ALOOF”

  1. Fantastic! Thanks very much.

  2. hi.a belated happy third birthday
    many thanks for the recent aloof postings ,it is the older tracks i enjoy most on acid ted.your recent ‘sandals’ tracks promted me to listen to the album and singles i had and to be honest i had forgoten how good they were.i have even splashed a little cash on the us cd versions of feet and the rite to silence and managed to get the japan only ‘tommorow’s today’,my sandals collection is alas missing the ‘tacatoe dub version of ‘feet’ so as a last resort i thought might ask if you had it you could possibly share it.
    excellent blog.cheers David

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