Go Periscope – previously here – are US synth duo who have the chance to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine if they get enough votes. There’s a track to download, following which why not go and vote. Vote early, vote often. And now an interview in which Go Periscope say why you should vote for them.

1. You’ve said that the meaning of the band name is to view things undetected. How can you be undetected when you’re one of the 16 bands in with a chance of getting a cover on Rolling Stone magazine?
When we talk about going undetected it’s more from a listener perspective. They hear us singing about personal experiences and get a glimpse of what we are like through our songs, like spies viewing our life through a periscope. We are so thankful for this opportunity, and for us it’s just adding more people to share our music with.

2. How did you both meet up and why locate in Seattle. Not exactly an area known for synth-pop?
Florin and I were both raised in Seattle, we started hanging out in high school. Even though Seattle is not known for synth-pop, the music scene here is very inspiring for all types of music. We couldn’t ask for a better city to be starting off in- we have great support from local radio stations and passionate supporters.

3. You claim Soft Cell and Lady Gaga as influences. What do you get from each? And who else counts as an influence?
80’s pop in general has been so influential to us as song-writers. Probably because that is what we grew up listening to as kids. So bands/artists like Soft Cell, Alphaville, New Order, Phil Collins and Journey gave us our earliest foundation in music. I think 80’s were a great time for fun music, that just make people want to move. That’s what we try to do with Go Periscope. And then Lady Gaga, whether people are a fan of her image or not, can’t really deny the fact that she is insanely talented. I think that’s the part that we are inspired by. She is a true artist, and can do everything so well. She also does everything in her power to bring her vision to life in her live shows. It may turn a lot of people off, but for the people that are into it, they get to witness a one of a kind performance.

4. You remixed Stephen Jerrzak feat Leighton Meester’s track She Said. Have you had any reaction from either of them? And do you watch Gossip Girl?
We had a lot of fun remixing Stephen Jerzak and Leighton Meester’s track. Our favorite part of doing remixes is to take the hook of a song and bring that to the forefront, while giving it a whole new feel and making it sound like it could be a Go Periscope song. I don’t watch Gossip Girl, but I have seen episodes with friends of mine, and Leighton Meester is a beautiful girl. I kind of want to see The Roommate because of her.

5. Finally, thanks for the remix. Simply a transparent ploy for votes perhaps. But why should people vote for you?

Ha, well played. I do think people should vote for us because we are the only electronic-based band in the competition. We love experimenting with different kinds of sounds, sampling anything and everything we can and turning it into music. So if there are any electronic music fans, we promise to do everything we can to make exciting, fun music that people can have a good time to. Thank you for the interview, and thank you to everyone for reading/voting. This is our dream, and your support means everything to us.

Download: Christian TV – When She Turns 18 (Go Periscope Remix)

Details of voting are here: http://www.rollingstone.com/choosethecover/artists/go-periscope



~ by acidted on February 21, 2011.

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