DJ Food gets done over by Autechre, in 1996. DJ Food was started by Coldcut’s Matt Black and Jonathan More together with Patrick Carpenter (aka PC) and Kevin Foakes (Strictly Kev). Coldcut later withdrew from the project. The featured track is taken from the Refried Food double 12″. This was a mix of tracks remixed from earlier releases and new ones. This is one of the new tracks. It uses DJ Food’s experimental hip hop as a jumping off point for Autechre’s more electronic adventures. There is a balance between the two and Autechre resist the temptation to take it anywhere too mechanical.

DJ Food – Sexy Bits (Ae9V Mix) by Autechre

Buy from Ninja Tune

DJ Food website

~ by acidted on March 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “DJ FOOD / AUTECHRE”

  1. I had all the refried food and Jazz Breaks twelves and a load of other Ninja Tunes that all went in ther great funds for iPOD sell off in 2002 along with most of my Mo Wax and Junior Boys Own collection. How I fucking regret that move now!

    My favourite is the Skint mix of Dark Lady.

  2. […] had the Autechre remix of DJ Food a few days ago. This time MLO take on the challenge – taken from the Refried Food double 12″, released in […]

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