Death In Vegas were Richard Fearless and collaborators. Originally called Dead Elvis until the estate of Elvis Presley objectved, they were lumped in with the Big Beat sound (more at previous post here). Although some of their work had a Big Beat-ish feel, their work was more complex and diverse. This would especially become apparent later when they went more Krautrock, and I rather lost interest.

The featured track is City Rub, taken from 1997’s Dubplate#1 promo 12″ (although I thought it had a commercial release on Rocco). This is a slow loping track, with throbbing, fuzzy bass, topped with squiggles. Too awkward to be trip hop but not hip hop enough to be Big Beat. Great stuff. Recommended.

Death In Vegas – City Rub


~ by acidted on March 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “DEATH IN VEGAS – DUBPLATE#1”

  1. The ‘collaborator’ in that photo is one Steve H. I know because I used to work with him. & yes, for me this incarnation was the most fun – they kind of went up their own @rses after this. Thanks for posting the track.

  2. […] had the City Rub from the Death in Vegas dubplate a few days ago. Here’s another track from the same dubplate, this time remixed by Tim Goldsworthy. Whereas […]

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