Another release on That’s Hot Records. Another minimal techno artist. And another quality release. Is there some sort of production line rolling off artists there? This is by Justy, THR label boss. The original mix is a pretty uncompromising track, with hard, edgy drums and a factory floor sound. There’s also a remix by Syap who featured here a little while back.

Justy – Dirty Police (Original Mix)

Blurb: Very strong techno release with a minimal elements straight from Justy.  On this release you also will find a nice remix from French Syap, top minimal producer – Gaga, from blowing romanian MicRoCheep & Mollo and a remix by Italian duo Basciu & Riccardo M.

1. Dirty Police (Original Mix) 
2. Dirty Police (Gaga Remix)
3. Dirty Police (MicRoCheep & Mollo Remix)
4. Dirty Police (Syap Remix)
5. Dirty Police (Basciu & Riccardo M Remix)
Gennadiy Plyuta aka “Justy” was born in Kiev, Ukraine . First record which he got in hands was a Compilation of Dream Dance. During 10 years he listened to the music and determined, which stile exactly he likes the mist. And finally became producing music in 2005. Now Justy has releases on such labels: flat belly records, tracer records, sebian records, Underscore WR Germany, and many many more. In January 2011 Justy opened his own label under name That’s Hot Records

~ by acidted on March 29, 2011.

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