Out today, a lovely EP with a gorgeous track for you to download.  With a name like Miguel Puente, I was assuming some over-excited miami house sound. So wrong. Something much better from the Funk Shuei & Mane mix. Some slow beach house that smells like summer. Quite, quite lovely.

Miguel Puente – Mismo Tiempo (Funk Shuei & Mane Remix)

And listen to the Bioniq Groover mix:

ARTIST: Miguel Puente

TITLE: Mismo Tiempo Remixes

LABEL: Dialtone
RELEASE DATE: March 31st, 2010

Spring is in the next corner and winter is almost finished. So to get things warming up we bring you our new release by Miguel Puente rising star with upcoming releases in Jamie Jones label and Lee Foss label. This time he gets remixed by four great upcoming artists. The first remix is by Bioniq they deliver a deep, jazzy mood perfect for those early beach parties. Next is Funk Shuei & Mane, they team up and give us a grooving, funky track with an emotional vibe that makes you remember those nights with your girl. Aspekt’s head honcho, Marcio Kantana is back again with it’s deep, techy groove with sexy vocals that will put everyone to dance and last but no least is Gil Montiel with his music trademark makes this EP a perfect house jewel for everyone. ENJOY!
01 Bioniq Groover Mix
02 Funk Shuei & Mane Remix
03 Marcio Kantana Remix
04 Gil Montiel Remix

~ by acidted on March 31, 2011.


  1. i want to like the bioniq groover mix more. i mean it is gorgeous like you say and this is way chill, but something about it is missing for me. i couldn’t place my finger on what. just feels too…well, like somebody was holding back a little. best way to put it. i want to be moved further into this, but it is very, very nice. just wanting something more.

  2. funk shuei and mane mix is more my style, but maybe my speakers aren’t doing this justice… but yeah. more my speed. i’d hear the other remixes. interesting. 🙂 thanks for sharing.

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