I really liked Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible album (more than Funeral). But the bits of Suburbs I heard rather left me indifferent. However, I was always going to give Cousin Cole’s extended re-work of Sprawl II a chance. And it’s really good. Adds a synthy undertow to all that epic intent which gives it greater joyousness. Lovely.

Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains beyond Mountains) (Cousin Cole Extension)

Cole says “This was a lot more work than it sounds like! Hahahahhahaha. Been sitting on it for 6+ months like an idiot

~ by acidted on April 10, 2011.


  1. i was expecting something different. this just sounds like the original to me with an extremely long and pointless intro and a bit of synth improvisation here and there. i’m unimpressed, unfortunately. it’s got nice moments to it, but just not different enough from the original to make it’s mark. i’d be willing to hear other, more original reworks/edits. no doubt he’s got talent, i’m just not into this version too much for it being too close to the original.

  2. that’s why it’s called “extension” not “remix” hahahahhahaha!!!

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