There are times when there’s simply no point in me writing anything, when someone else has done it so beautifully for me. Or in this case, madly. It’s the former DINOSAVRVS REX, now called the Joy for reasons explained below. Last time I had a post from them, my blogger account got cancelled. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong this time.

This is the geezer behind DINOSAVRVS REX.  Like a phoenix rising from the ashes (or a bad sexual disease!), I’m back.  I knocked this up yesterday in about four hours and mixed it tonight in one.  I hope you like it.  I’m now going under the name of ‘The Joy’, because that’s where I’ve been for the last four months (Mountjoy Prison), it’s a long story involving Stephen Ireland, Stephen Ireland’s nan, a dead rat in a jar of gherkins and the Irish  football squad.  Please don’t ask for more details.

The reasons for me tackling this tune (which is the Shamen’s ‘Possible worlds’) are as follows:
1) I’ve got a gig in Manchester at the Star and Garter on 12 May, at 20.00.  It’s going to be a cracker and anyone and everyone and Acid Teds readers especially are strongly encouraged to attend.  More details TBC
2) Given the above situation, I needed something to segue between two songs I’ve written.  I’ve had it in me head for two years now to sample the vocoder bits from ‘Possible worlds’ and this was the perfect excuse to finally get it done.
3) I like the Shamen more than I like Pet Shop Boys, Pink, James Brown and Fan Death, and all of them got had their songs gleefully butchered by D.REX, so it’s about bloody time etc
4) The concert is going to be a ‘live’ continuous mix with ‘real-life’ instruments and singing, the Shamen pioneered this type of live performance so it’s a bit of paying dues as well.  ‘Paying dues’ sounds a bit too negative though, unlike paying taxes I gladly my dues to the Shamen with a smile on my face and head bowed in reverence.  Keep dreamin’ on, phorever people!
And as an aside, the original ‘Possible worlds’ is untouchable, which is why this version sounds nothing like the original.  Does that qualify it as a remix or an original composition with a sample thrown in? Hmmm…. *scratches chin pensively*…

The Shamen – Possible Worlds (The Joy take 2)

In a shock move, this starts quite conventionally before bringing in a quite insane, scuzzy bass. The Shamen get chopped up and spat out during the course of three and a half minutes.

~ by acidted on April 22, 2011.

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