The world and their mother in law are doing remixes of Daft Punk at the moment for the remix comp indabamusic are running. Here are just two to listen (no downloads) and the 14th Minute is now available for download. They are from Count Effectz and The 14th Minute.

Count Effectz goes for Derezzed, making a hard electro banger of the original. Pretty good but better than Justice could do? Not quite. The 14th Minute go for End of Line and turn it into a piano-based disco tune. This has a lovely bass line and turns Daft Punk into a recognisably 14th Minute tune. Easily the better track.

Daft Punk – Derezzed (Count Effectz Remix)

[removed on request]


Daft Punk – End of Line (The 14th Minute Remix)



~ by acidted on April 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “DAFT PUNK REMIXES”

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  2. […] what’s it like? The standard to beat remains The 14th Minute’s remix (here). Frankly, this is huge. Big fat squelchy bass and some background burbling. Quality stuff. The mix […]

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