Yesterday, James got remixed by The Aloof. Today, James get remixed by Hardkiss. This is from 1994 and is superior to yesterday’s remix. Hardkiss give James some big West Coast psychadelic drums, keep the track relatively simple and hold back the vocal until two minutes in. This track is remixed with its eyes firmly on the dance floor and has some lovely acid touches towards the end. The vocal is ultimately only used as a sample – More than a drug is what I need.

James – Say Something (Hardkiss Mix)


~ by acidted on May 3, 2011.


  1. Nice post. I remember buying this cd single back in 93/94ish and not knowing how to take the Hardkiss remix. I shelved it for years, and periodically came back to it. Nice to revive this one; ahead of it’s time and now basically gone.

  2. reminds me of many a endless night spent playing superbub on the ps1

  3. Man
    If you have a copy of the version of “Laid” from that single I would love to get a copy. I had this CD (maxi-CD, single?) from the 90’s and left it a nd a treasure trove of CD singles from the 90’s with a girlfriend. All things run their course, but that collection (some 150 singles) never found their way back into my possession.

    Keep up the quality postings!

    • Hmmmm… don’t have a copy on the computer. It’ll be in the loft somewhere. Will try. May take a while. And may not be successful.

  4. Thanks!
    Appreciate the effort, regardless of outcome.

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