This is one of those things that come as an unexpected pleasure. I was casting about in the bottom of my metaphorical cupboard for things to post when I came across Earthling’s 1995 single “Nothing“, which was issued as promo only to generate interest in the band. Discogs says “This was released to create some hype for the band before they released their album ‘Radar.” 

We’ve had Earthling here before, but not for over two years. And I’d never played the B-side “Nothingness“, so gave it a whirl. It turns out to be a rather fine piece of trip hop – reminded me strongly of DJ Shadow era UNKLE. This is 10 minutes of blunted funkiness. Really rather good.

Earthling – Nothingness

Bio from discogs: Mid-90s Bristol-based outfit comprising Tim Saul (producer) and Mau (MC). Vocalists Moni and Segun were frequent collaborators, as was – particularly – co-producer and multi-instrumentalist Edison. Earthling were closely associated with other Bristol acts, particularly Portishead; Geoff Barrow appeared on their debut LP, Radar. They were dropped by EMI prior to the release of their second album, Humandust, which was eventually issued in 2004 on the French Discograph label.


~ by acidted on May 4, 2011.

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