We had the Quaking Stars album from Starquake Records previously (here) which had a range of techno and acid tracks. Starquake Records are back with a B sides EP called Dark Matter.

Le Bruit Noir start the EP off with Sound of Death. This starts off slowly enough but then goes into a frantic and grinding bass monster. Too much. This brings us the questionably titled Abbotsabad’s Hide & Seek. Poor taste but a good electro track. The Clown’s track Chasing Clashes is the most direct dance track with electro swooshes and bleeps. And, the best track here. The EP ends with The Dissident Aggressors and Bad Taste. And it ends much as it started, with some grinding eletro noise. Nasty.

Download: The Clown – Chasing Clashes

Whole EP here.


~ by acidted on May 16, 2011.


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