REMIXING CLASSICS: Altern8 – Infiltrate 202 (Simon Harris 2011 Remix)

Another remix from Simon Harris. This time an old rave classic from Altern8. Watch your bass bins. Good job this one. Listen or download.

Last time, he remixed 808 State’s In Yer Face (here). And I grumbled about the Alastair Cooke sample being moved and re-recorded. Simon commented “I moved the intro speech further on in the track to give it a more DJ friendly intro, time for the DJ to get the tune mixed and ready to drop. I hunted high and low for the Alistair Cooke sample, its from his Letters from America radio show, there were 2869 15 minute shows made making it the longest-running speech radio programme in history. Not all of the shows are available on the internet and even if they were it would have taken me 717 hours to listen to them all or in real money nearly 30 solid days. So I decided to remake the sample as best I could using a speech synthesizer. If anyone can find me the sample to use instead I would love to have it !!!” So, if anyone knows where the orignal sample can be found do get in touch.

Meanwhile, Altern8 (bio here). I love the original of Infiltrate, with its glorious abandon and chipmunking of Candi Staton. Simon adds in some more of her vocals and turns it from rave to breaks. Shouldn’t really work. But it really, really does. Cracking remix.

Altern8 РInfiltrate 202 (Simon Harris 2011 Remix)

~ by acidted on May 30, 2011.

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