Silenx is Joel Azevedo from Portugal who featured with a synthy original at the start of the month (see here). Now he has an EP coming out on Boombar Music – Kaleidoscope EP.

With a sound that is very much in the Georgio Moroder / JMJ camp, there is always a risk of sounding dated or pastiche. The original Kaleidoscope track walks a very fine line, not always successfully. A bit too retro. 80s Stallone is the first to remix. This gives quite a nice 70s / 80s mixed feel and injects a little urgency into the original. Lazercat’s remix has a lazy funky 80s feel. Lost Years’ remix ends the EP with a remix that adds tom toms but can’t really add energy. Overall, slightly disappointing.

Kaleidoscope EP to be released by Boombar Music with remixes from:
80s Stallone (80s Stallone)
Lazercat (lazercat)
Lost Years (LostYears)

Boombar Music soundcloud:
Boombar Music


~ by acidted on May 31, 2011.

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