I knew of Sheer Taft, one of Creation Records’ dance signings, and their first single Cascades (1990) from the ‘Keeping The Faith Compilation’. However, I knew it mostly because the single had been produced and mixed by Hypnotone (see here) who were also on Creation and Creation’s first dance act. What I hadn’t known was that the second single Atlantis had also been produced and mixed by Hypnotone. And that is what we have here.

Quick bio of Sheer Taft from discogs: Downtempo dubby dance-duo of Thomas Taft of Greenock, Scotland and vocalist Ingrid Kudos, signed to Creation Records in the early 1990s.

And the single? Sounds pretty 1991, in that it is led by Italo piano. But even for those times, there is something slightly dated about it. The beats sound a bit thin and late 80s. This is a step back from Cascades. No wonder I didn’t buy it at the time. I got this from Ricky’s of Madchester Rave On’s ‘other’ blog Higher Than The Sun, where he has the full release, including a Slam mix.

Sheer Taft – Atlantis (Hypnotone Edit)


~ by acidted on May 31, 2011.

3 Responses to “SHEER TAFT / HYPNOTONE”

  1. I might be misremembering this but a fellow I worked with in a factory moved into Taft’s flat in Glasgow after he did a runner. The bathroom was only accessible from above.

    (This was Alan from Rub-a-Dub if you have any Glasgow readers that might be able to confirm my dodgy memory.)

  2. Haven’t heard this before- it isn’t as good as Cascades, but I like the bass and piano.

  3. I initially read that as tubby dance-duo.

    Cant belive somebody with talented came out of Greenock which is one of the most singularly depressing spots on the planet

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