Count Effectz makes two comp remixes available for download – for Daft Punk and Martin Solveig. Count Effectz is Michael Williams from Sydney, Australia. Most of his stuff tends towards harder electro tunes. Of the remixes, there’s a so-so one and one winner.

The Daft Punk mix we had before, when it was listen only. Now, it’s also downloadable. At the time, I said “Count Effectz goes for Derezzed, making a hard electro banger of the original. Pretty good but better than Justice could do? Not quite.”

Daft Punk – Dereezed (Count Effectz Bootleg)

[link removed on request]

Next, is that annoyng tune from Martin Solveig that has unfortunately wormed its insidious way into my affections. But it is a bit twee. What has Count Effectz done? A substantial improvement on the original. There’s nothing terribly radical about the remix in a structural sense. But it does have major hardening surgery and twee removal. This leaves a big room, peak time wave-your-hands-in-the-air track. Sorry, but I really like this. A winner.

Martin Solveig – Hello (Count Effectz Bootleg)

[link removed on request]

~ by acidted on June 4, 2011.


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