We had a Hooky original only a few days ago (here) but he’s already back with a remix. And it’s one of the all time classic dance tracks by the inestimable 2 Unlimited (see here).

As I recall, when I posted 2 Unlimited, Drew got very cross with me for my claim that “Techno purists may claim to hate 2 Unlimited and the flood of acts following in their wake may have diluted the initial impact. But at the time even techno purists secretly liked them.” So, does this remix do anything to help? In all honesty, I doubt it. The track has been given a dubstep mauling but there’s plenty of the mindlessly wonderful lyrics left to enjoy/depise.

2 Unlimited – No Limits (Hooky Dubstep Remix)

You can now download the 320 here:

Also Hooky’s next live show is at Cable nightclub London on the 24th of June for Dub-All or Nothing with Roksonix, Dream, Rossi B and more.

~ by acidted on June 7, 2011.


  1. Heh heh. Not sure I even want to hear this.

  2. i wasn’t impressed by this one but i do recommend checking dobre & jamez’ aural pleasure mix of “do what’s good for me”. it has some vocal samples from the original and it uses some of the melodics from the original but downplayed and is much smoother and more in tune to the sound that was coming out of touché records in the mid 90’s.

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