A couple of things from Mr Scruff. A live mix to download and the new single – Wobble Control – to hear.

The mix is nearly 6 hours long and comes from the 12th birthday of Scruff’s Keep It Unreal residency. He says “Another lovely night at Band On The Wall in Manchester to celebrate the 12th Birthday of my Keep it Unreal Residency.” Although he says of the mix “Apologies for the odd digital click & jump, my hard drive was not happy on Saturday!” this is the usual eclectic mix of the soft 60s funk, 70s low slung funk, lounge and everything inbetween.

To download this mix (for the next 3 weeks only) go to, click on ‘download code’ & enter the code ‘PguNxg’.

And so to his recently released single Wobble Control. This is described as ‘Low Slung Dusty Bump House’. The low slung must be the bass which is deeper than usual and comes close to dubstep territory, with a bit of trumpet to leaven the mood. It’s a low bpm groover, with Scruff’s usual twists and turns. But somehow slightly less fun than the best of his work.

Mr Scruff – Wobble Control

~ by acidted on June 13, 2011.

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