As promised, especially for this series, You Are Not All Boring has done a Weatherall remix/cover. It is of Sabres of Paradise’s Haunted Dancehall. It’s available to download and it’s brilliant.

I asked YANAB about his favourite Weatherall tracks: My top 3 mixes of his and top 3 original tracks.

1 – 101 (Sonic Shuffle Mix)
2 – Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
3 – Yello – Jungle Bill (Sabres of Paradise Mix 1)

1 – Liar With Wings
2 – Wilmot
3 – Smokebelch II

I then cheekily asked him to do a remix not really expecting that he’d take me up on it. Got the expected havering back and thought no more of it. I was then astonished to recevie the remix below less than 24 hours later. I was worried that having been done so quickly it would’t be any good. But to my astonishment not only had he had chosen one of my favourite Sabres tracks, the In The Nursery Remix of Haunted Dancehall, but it is a great remix. This takes the ambient original and guides it gently back onto the dancefloor. Original version below for comparison purposes.

You are not all Boring – Haunted Dancehall (Sabres of Paradise Cover)

This is a cover of ‘Haunted Dancehall’ by The Sabres of Paradise. All synths created using Ichiro Toda’s “Synth1” VST. Sequenced in Buzz Tracker. All drum samples courtesy of the Oberheim DX drum machine. Hope you enjoy it. =)

Sabres of Paradise – Haunted Dancehall performed by In The Nursery

~ by acidted on June 24, 2011.


  1. […] of Sabres of Paradise’s Haunted Dancehall for the Weatherall Mixes series a few weeks ago (here). He’s back with an original four track EP of minimal electronic dub to […]

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