Dunno what it is about Bristol that turns out such unusual dance acts. The Other Tribe is one of those sprawling collectives, like forebears The Moonflowers, that mix dance and rock. They feel like a cross between the Moonflowers and The Sandals. A track to listen and one to download.

They have a cool demo out for Don’t Need No Melody. This is claimed to be techno house but that’s misleading. This is festival house. Music for warm evenings, with the sun setting, mellowing out on scrumpy in a field. You won’t jump up and down but you will sway from side to side. Infectiously positive.

Businessman on Diazapam is a slightly lame title and the lesser track. The track suffers from a surfeit of ideas, making it sound like a dozen things going on at once. What should be a blend becomes a bit of a cacophony. And some of the lyrics are a bit iffy.

Blurb: We’re a six piece dance act from Bristol. For the past 18 months we’ve been working hard playing live here making ourselves known… and it’s been working pretty well. This summer we’re releasing three tracks with remixes from some of our favourite producers (including Bowski, Eats Everything, Urchins, Arcade Z, NeeliXxX and more) out to the blogsphere whilst we get out of Bristol and play a run of shows at festivals and parties. We’ve recently played We The People and Stokes Croft, and we’re up at Beat Herder next week.

~ by acidted on June 25, 2011.


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