Q-Burns Abstract Message has a new single out, which is recommended to all Balearic lovers. And we like a bit of Q-BAM here (previously). The single is a set of remixes from a track, Chainsaw, on a recent single. But it’s been retuned and given a going over by Scott Hardkiss (here). See below for the story behind the curious choice of cover art.

The package starts with a remix from Scott Hardkiss, which adds a bit of West Coast hippyness to the flamenco mix. The Dub from Scott is the real winner in the package. A piece of absolutely full-on gorgeous Balearic. Fabulous use of flamenco guitar, summer swooshes and gentle spaced beats. The original mix relies on synths and piano as much it does on the guitar. A fine track. The synths of the original are brought more to the fore by Gazeebo’s reprise. Quality package.

True story: Q-Burns Abstract Message once DJ’ed underneath a weighty chainsaw covered in disco ball mirror squares, rotating roundly with silver beams flying off its blade. Imagine such a devious device honed for dancefloor devastation, its rumble tuned to bassbin frequencies as its saw cuts through beats and melody. But we’re talking about a chainsaw wielded by beardy types, waving its mirror ball excess over sunrise-stroked beach sand. We blissfully believe this could be the sound of the “Balearic Chainsaw.”

~ by acidted on July 1, 2011.

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