NEW MUSIC: Foster The People – Helena Beat (The 14th Minute Remix)

We had an original track from The 14th Minute a few days back (here). They’re back already with a disco remix. Listen only, I’m afraid.

The remix is for Foster The People and their track Helena Beat. The original track (here) is classic indie pop. The 14th Minute accentuate the indie disco, with the emphasis on disco and massed choruses. So cheery it may bring on the urge to run around like a child on excess Sunny D. This is full of high notes acending. Synths soaring. With anyone else this would be appallingly twee. But The 14th Minute know how to handle things to make them simple and joyful. Just give in and go with it.


~ by acidted on July 21, 2011.

6 Responses to “NEW MUSIC: Foster The People – Helena Beat (The 14th Minute Remix)”

  1. available to download now haha

  2. […] might remember we had a remix of this track by The 14th Minute back here, so Lunchbox Riot have a lot to live up to. This is a much more upbeat remix. Where The 14th Minute […]

  3. Helena Beat is such an awesome song, love this remix, and love the video for it, too!

  4. […] might remember that we had The 14th Minute’s remix of Helena Beat back here. Now personal favourites, Acid Invaders, take on Pumped Up Kicks. I was expecting big acid […]

  5. […] it’s a contest, the threshold is currently The 14th Minute’s effort (here). Where The 14th Minute’s effort was full of soaring synths, Laubfrosh go for a more […]

  6. This is the best remix by far!

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