Three in one this time. Three electronic pop acts, all feature vocalists, mostly female. All a bit like Goldfrapp, Lamb or Junior Boys. But professional as they are, none quite hit the spot for me. Perhaps they do for you.

Big History are a bit Goldfrapp sounding, perhaps with a pinch of Siouxie Sioux’s depth. They are also the most gentle electronic and least pop.

Big History – Wardrum

Letting Up Despite Great Thoughts is a bit of a mouthful as a name. Sophia In Gold is the most poppy of the three, with electronic bass and hushed vocals. This is probably what Americans would call bliss pop. Nice but whispy.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Sophia In Gold

Black Cherry are probably the most interesting of the three, with a sort of Rockabilly swing to it all. But they are also the closest to Goldfrapp. And I’m not keen on Goldfrapp. Too much FRow-er music.

Black Cherry – Lost In The System

Big History blurb: Big History is a six piece soul/pop/electro act roaring out of New Orleans. Anchored by the smoky vocals of Meg Roussel, the group’s catchy hooks pour from laptops and violins alike– think Beach House meets The XX. The band has crafted a bedroom pop debut flashing with the pulse and shimmer of a 3 A.M. dance party, but smooth and hazy enough to be revisited the morning after. Having caught the eyes and ears of eager listeners both at home and abroad, Big History is ready to show the world what else is up their sleeves.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Blurb: Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Letting Up Despite Great Faults are excited to announce the release of their forthcoming EP Paper Crush, on Heist or Hit Records out on September 26. Letting Up Despite Great Faults is the electro-based sonic diary of founding member, Mike Lee. The band’s first release was the Movement EP, which included songs that were featured on NPR and the hit television drama, One Tree Hill. In 2009, they released their self-titled full length, which met with unanimous critical acclaim, and rave reviews from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Exclaim!, and countless indie music blogs.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Paper Crush [EP]
08.02.11 (North America) | Pre-Order:
09.26.11 (UK/Europe)

1. Repeating Hearts
2. Sophia In Gold
3. Teenage Tide
4. I Feel You Happen
5. Aurora

Black Cherry Blurb: With the continuous growth of the thriving London music scene, the Hackney bred duo Black Cherry are set to release their double A-side single ‘One Another’ and ‘Lost In The System’ on 29th August 2011.Since forming in 2007, after lead singer Megane Quashie was re-introduced to producer Gui Fraisse, Black Cherry have continuously been on the gig circuit playing slots at Glastonbury Festival, V-Festival and Great Escape Festival. Influenced by artists such as Depeche Mode, Prince and Donna Summer, Black Cherry’s music is a dance fusion of rock and electro; compromising stories of love, sadness, laughter, death and new journeys.

~ by acidted on July 25, 2011.


  1. Big History is incredible!! Please post more as soon as they have it. Thanks!

  2. Quite like Black Cherry

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