Another release on Italy’s Starquake Records, this time by newcomers Les Enfants à Points. They have a new four track EP out to listen and download. And very nice it is too, with mainly gentle electronics.

After previous Starquake Records releases, I was expecting something loud and challenging. Not so. This is home listening electronic. Here I Am, I’ve Got It is driven by a slow, classical piano and a little buzzing on the bass beats. Very nice. Desert is modest electronic pop and a bit dull. Something returns to the piano and a bit of synthetic xylophone and strings. Lovely, in that Moby Play sort of way. The EP ends with a remix of Welcome Back Sailors’ About Us. A bit indie disco but a great bass line. Listen to this and Desert but download Here I Am, I’ve Got It and Something.

Download: Les Enfants a Point – Here I Am, I’ve Got It

Listen and download whole EP here.

Blurb: As a rainbow after the Dark Matter storm, here comes Volume 1, Les Enfants à Points’ first work. Let your soul fly with the sound created by this brand new duo, composed by the Italian Franz S. from Totentanz and the French Romain.
Including 3 originals tracks and a Les Enfants à Points remix of Welcome Back Sailors’ “About Us”.

~ by acidted on July 26, 2011.

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